At Coronado, we believe in the importance of enriching the communities in which we operate. Not only do we aim to be a safe, reliable, environmentally conscious employer of choice in each of these communities, we also seek to give back in meaningful ways, from ongoing support of local charities and environmental projects to sponsoring and conducting educational programs. We also encourage our employees and executives to regularly participate in local activities and events to ensure our focus on giving back extends throughout our organisation.



Curragh has a long association with the Blackwater community. Since the mine opened in 1983, many employees and their families have lived in Blackwater, and through this connection Curragh has been a major supporter of the Blackwater community.

Curragh’s community engagement includes providing support across community organisations, health care, education, sport, culture, indigenous communities and local tourism. Curragh is proud to support the development of a strong, healthy and vibrant Blackwater community.

Respecting and preserving Indigenous cultural heritage is important to Curragh. Curragh holds regular co- ordination meetings with representatives of the local Indigenous communities and educates its employees and contractors on the importance and significance of Aboriginal heritage and culture.



Supporting the communities in which we operate is paramount to our business. We are a proud employer of the people from the local communities where we operate and continue to develop and foster close relationships with businesses and service providers in those communities.

We have a number of programs and initiatives in place to support local schools, charities and not for profit organisations.

Some of the key initiatives we have delivered include;

  • Conducting and sponsoring educational programs for local school children.
  • Providing internships for college students from local communities.
  • Assisting with rebuilding efforts following natural disasters/floods, including repaving roads and repairing buildings and homes.
  • Providing support to local charities and causes, including local environmental and stream restoration organisations.
  • Contributing food and relief funds to communities in need.
  • Sponsoring local Boy Scout troops.
  • Participating in the National Boy Scout Jamboree and teaching mining merit badge classes. 

Case Studies

Stepping Stone

Stepping Stone is a member-based community organisation in Brisbane, Queensland that addresses the serious impact that mental illness has on people’s lives. It is dedicated to suicide prevention and to ending social and economic isolation for people living with mental illness. This year, Coronado partnered with Stepping Stone to offer ….


Project Healing Waters

In 2019, Coronado co-sponsored Project Healing Waters, where approximately 130 disabled veterans in West Virginia gathered at the Thornwood, WV 4-H camp to learn about fly-fishing. Project Healing waters is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel …