With operations in two of the largest and most productive metallurgical coal basins in the world—Queensland’s Bowen Basin and the Central Appalachian region of the US—Coronado offers a suite of coal products to a wide range of customers throughout the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, and Europe.

Our single 100% owned mining complex in Queensland’s Bowen Basin and three 100% owned mining complexes in the Central Appalachian region of the US are major contributors to the local economies and communities in which they are located. In total these complexes have eight actively producing mines that are located close to transportation infrastructure, supporting Coronado’s position as one of the lowest cost and most reliable sources of met coal products sought by steelmakers globally.

With more than 20 million tonnes of saleable coal production in calendar year 2017 (76% of which was metallurgical grade), Coronado ranks among the top five global metallurgical coal producers.

We have an excellent health and safety record which we see as a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining staff. There has been strong safety performance at both Australian and US operations where we use a behavior-based safety program to focus all employees on safe work practices.

Our commitment to managing our environmental performance ensures we are at the forefront of environmental management in the mining industry. This includes an operational focus on managing natural resources, such as water and natural vegetation.

We recognise that the production of met and thermal coal is associated with greenhouse gas emissions and are committed to working with other industry participants, to support, develop and introduce new coal production and energy generation technologies, that help reduce the environmental impact of our operations, while continuing to meet global energy and steel demands.